Best Pillows for Shoulder Pain in 2020

Do you often wake up with painful shoulders? Well, you might want to consider this to be your lucky day.

Below is a list of the best pillow for shoulder pain you will find in the market today, all of these pillows are designed to alleviate pain as it targets underlying causes of shoulder pain. So please keep on reading below.

Top Pillow For Shoulder Pain

Coisum Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

This orthopedic pillow may be a bit expensive but it’s totally worth it as you will be paying for its high-quality support. It can provide you with accurate and proper support not only yo your shoulders but as well as your head, back, and neck.

This pillow is available in two sizes, you can choose one according to your comfort and the size that will allow you to easily move around. Another thing I like about this pillow is that it comes with a hypoallergenic cover that can be easily removed and is washable; you can keep it clean as often as you need.

Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

What makes this pillow stand out is that it is fully adjustable, thanks to its Shredded Visco Elastic Foam that will allow you to change the level of comfort provided by adding or removing the foam.

In addition to that, this pillow also has high airflow; this means you don’t have to worry about sweating whenever you’re using the product.

Sleep Whale – Premium Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam

Last but not least is another comfortable pillow from Sleep Whale. It’s a firm pillow that will contour to the shape of your head and neck so you’ll wake up with pain-free shoulders. It is also adjustable, this means that you can find the right comfort level according to your sleep style.

It’s made of a material that is fully shredded with polyester along with a covering for sufficient protection. This guarantees that what you have here is a soft, durable and long-lasting product, a perfect combination for a good night’s sleep.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Pillow For Shoulder Pain

Some people think buying the best pillow for shoulder pain is an easy and simple task. What they don’t know is that it’s a tricky thing to do. So here are some factors you need to consider.

1. Ergonomic Design

It should come in a design that guarantees support you need for your shoulders and neck no matter how your body will move and shift during your sleep. This often includes keeping your neck elevated at a slight angle and giving you enough space for neck rotation.

2. Material

I highly suggest you opt for a pillow made from memory foam or shredded memory foam as it molds itself to your shape correctly.

3. Firmness

Another thing you need to consider is the pillow’s level of firmness. Pillows that are often labeled to be firm and extra-firm are highly recommended as they help properly align the curve of your neck and head.

Top 7 Olee Sleep Mattress Reviews in 2020

For those looking to purchase a new mattress capable of delivering the expected comfort and support, then it is imperative to know some of the top brands with high reputations of having high-end sleeping mattresses.

Among the numerous brands, Olee Sleep has established its brand as a trusted and high-grade producing manufacturer. This reason explains why the brand has been highly sought-after by a lot of customers.

The brand has been able to help deliver incredible levels of comfort and meet up with the much-needed support. But, before purchasing any product, it is essential you have gone through several reviews to avoid investing in the wrong product.

And, as such, after an in-depth review of most sleeping mattresses from the brand, here are the seven best Olee Sleep mattress bang for your buck.

Olee Sleep 10” Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress


This incredible mattress offers you the expected comfort and supports your spine while sleeping. The product is capable of adopting your body shape; thanks to the mattress 1-inch top layer infused with gel. It helps maintain the right sleeping posture and avoid waking up with pain.

The product helps relieve pressure points, while helping you combat interrupted sleep due to heat or sweating. The ergonomic design makes it an ideal force for people looking to alleviate backaches, neck pain, etc.

The mattress cover is manufacture using jacquard, which makes the product durable. Also, it is infused with a gel that increases the level of trust in its quality. The infused gel helps keep the product fresh and ensure a comfortable sleep.


  • Infused with gel for keeping sleepers cool instead of sweaty
  • Jacquard cover for durability
  • Long-lasting – thanks to the high-density foam
  • Breathability and proper ventilation
  • Relieve pressure
  • CertiPUR-US certified


  • Some customers complained that the mattress is too soft and a bit lumpy
  • Not a good bang for people needing above a medium-firm mattress

Olee Sleep 9” I Gel Multi-Layered Mattress


This mattress standout with its white color and elegant look without compromising quality or comfort. Its incredible features place it among the best Olee Sleep Mattress to splurge.

This product is infused with gel to provide users with a cooling effect, so sleepers don’t get sweaty or feel intense heat. Also, it features a high-density memory foam known to adopt the body curves and give the right support to your vertebrate.

The product is an excellent choice for individuals who continually deal with neck or back pain alleviate these pains. It provides the necessary support along your body curves from head to toe.

The mattress comes in multiple layers; 1” layer of soft memory foam to support your body, 1” layer of 25 ILD High-Density Memory Foam to help avoid detection and 1” layer infused with gel for regulating temperature. All-in-all, the product help improves your sleep quality and available in different sizes.


  • Proper ventilation
  • Minimize pressure points
  • Alleviate backaches
  • Isolate motion transfer
  • Durable


  • Maybe too firm
  • Awful smell after unboxing

Olee Sleep 13-Inch Box-Top Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress


This mattress is recommended for users looking for a thick and perfectly-layered sleep mattress. Its design makes it not too supple or too firm; thanks to its 13” thick mattress. Olee Sleep 13” Box Top is intended to help eliminate neck and back pain.

Just like most Olee Sleep Mattress, this item is covered with jacquard which contributes to the value, and comfort. What’s more? The product features 1” Gel layer to help regulate the bed temperature, so you don’t get too hot and sweating. It makes use of 2 inches of high-density foam and 1.5 inches of soft memory foam to maximize your comfort by absorbing your weight.

Besides, the product is CertiPUR-US certified, which makes the mattress’s durability and longevity assuring. Another remarkable feature is it firmness, which is as a result of the included 7.5” of heat treat coils.


  • Remain cool even in hot summers
  • Impressive ventilation and breathability
  • Multiple layers for great comfort
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Wrapped coils for extreme firmness.


  • Some customers claim it was too stiff. However, a topper helps out.
  • After unboxing, users may experience an unpleasant smell.

Olee Sleep 8” Ventilated-Convolution Memory Foam Mattress


This 8” of thick sleeping mattress is an excellent pick, as it comes with multiple layers to provide extra comfort and support. The product works great for anyone even people with neck and back pain. Its unique design makes it appealing to users dealing with difficulty in having a good night rest.

The mattress has a 3.5” convoluted layer design that helps improve breathability and ventilation. The 1” Dura-Flex foam is responsible for absorbing the weight, which contributes to the overall support experienced. Also, the item easily contours with the body shape making the product promote better sleep and avoid waking up with back or neck pain.


  • Isolate motion disturbance
  • Proper ventilation and breathability
  • Durable
  • Relieve pressure points


  • Some clients claim the product was too soft
  • An unpleasant chemical smell is experienced which last for a few days.

Olee Sleep 10 in Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress


This mattress focuses on maximizing the level of comfort sleepers experience with its 10-thick memory foam. The product can conform to the body curves for a better sleeping experience. The manufacturer has only made this product using high-quality memory foam and excellent fabrics to help optimize the mattress benefits.

Another remarkable feature is the product ability to remain fresh and fresh even in hot summers. This reason is one of the reasons the product has been a splurge on during summers. Its multiple layers including 1” layer of High-density foam and another layer infused with gel helps increase the level of support and regulate the body temperature.

And, above all, its unique construction helps minimize pressure points, therefore, you have a reduced chances of waking up with back or neck pain.


  • Different layers of HQ foam help to deliver coziness
  • Infused with gel for regulating temperature
  • The product comprises excellent ventilation and breathability
  • Very resilience
  • Sound sleep without waking up feeling neck and backaches.


  • The customers complained that the chemical odor takes longer
  • It may not be as firm as required

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Omega Hybrid Gel-Infused Pocket Spring Sleep Mattress


This mattress is available in a twin size, and equally, helps users get amazing comfort and relieve from pain while you are asleep.

It is designed using multiple layers of high-quality foam, which makes it a lucrative option. It eliminates worries about the product getting soft and hot.

Also, the product cover is made using a mattress made with poly jacquard, which is easily washed for high maintenance and cleanliness of the bed. Also, this mattress cover contributes to the product longevity and durability. Besides, it has three layers of Dura Pocket spring for reasonable firmness.


  • Gel infused memory foam for regulating temperature
  • Help alleviate pain
  • Three layers of Dura Pocket spring
  • Washable and durable poly jacquard
  • It provides a luxurious feeling
  • Excellent support to the spine.
  • Tempered steel separately-encased coils
  • No motion disturbance


  • The product has a chemical smell for few weeks
  • The mattress may not be the best fit for people who need firm support

Olee Sleep 12” I-Gel Top-Tencel Memory Foam Mattress


This mattress is another reliable and genuine product from Olee Sleep. This product has several pleased customers with its layered construction for ensuring comfort. The product’s 12” thick mattress has been one of the significant factors why several customers splurge on this mattress.

Also, the mattress is infused with gel for preventing users from getting sweaty while sleeping. No doubt, it is excellent for sleeping even in hot summers. The bed helps regulate the temperature between the body and mattress. Besides, the mattress makes use of superior memory foam to provide support by conforming to your body shape. In the end, users get a cozy and comfortable mattress – thanks to the product tencel mix fabric and infused gel.


  • Minimizes pressure points
  • Provide relief from neck and back pains
  • Provides fantastic support and comfort
  • Regulate the temperature


  • Some clients claim the mattress sunk after a couple of months
  • It takes weeks before the chemical odor smell goes away.

When Does Acne Stop? What Makes You Easily Breakout

“There’s nothing to worry about, your body is just going through hormonal changes since you’re just a teenager. By the time that you are already an adult, all your acne will be gone!”

Is this line familiar to you? If you spent your teenage years with a pimple ridden face, I’m sure you have heard this one too many times and you have probably put all your hopes into this.

But what if you’re still going through a couple of acne breakouts from time to time now that you’re an adult, do you also wonder when does acne stop?

Well, the answer is different for every person. If you want to know the answer, then keep on reading below.

When Does Acne Stop?

Acne is a very common skin problem that normally begins in our teenage years. Some undergo aggressive treatments just to get rid of acne as they age while some resolve the problem without any treatment at all. Normally, acne will stop when your hormone starts to settle down in your early to mid-20s. Some even noticed that their breakouts have stopped during their late teen years or when they were around 17 to 18 years old.

However, there are some adults that still often get acne breakouts even during their 30s, 40s and beyond. There are even some who suffers from breakouts all through their life until their senior years.

Now that we know the likelihood of when does acne stop, all we can do is to know what’s causing it and how can we stop it.

What Causes Acne Breakout?

Resolving your acne problems now that you’re an adult might be difficult, but I assure you, you’re not the only grown up dealing with this complexion woes. So let’s try to discover what could possibly be causing your acne – this is the best way you can clear up your skin and keep breakouts at bay.

1. You can blame your hormones.

Have you ever noticed how your acne starts breaking out days before your menstruation? Well, this is because of the fluctuations of your hormones particularly the androgens. The condition often results in cystic acne around your chin and neck.

2. You are suffering from too much stress.

Stress is another culprit of acne since it can cause hormonal changes. Whether you work tirelessly in the office for eight hours, a full-time mom who does all the household chores or even juggling both, there’s a great chance that your stress levels are way too high.

Stress can trigger your body to produce stress hormones called cortisol which could drive your oil glands to produce excessive oil that may clog your pores and cause breakouts.

Also, taking stimulants like Adderall can also increase your cortisol level and cause acne. So make sure you check the products being prescribed to you as they may also be the cause of your breakouts.

3. You are using skincare products not suitable for your skin type.

It is very important that you build a skincare routine that’s perfect for your skin.

For instance, if you have dry skin, avoid alcohol-based toners and astringents as they will only be stripping your skin’s moisture that will lead to a breakout. If you have oily or combination skin and you are vulnerable to breakouts, I suggest you use skincare products with labels that say “oil-free”, “water-based” or “non-comedogenic”. This is to make sure that the product you are slathering on your skin won’t be clogging your pores and will make things worse.

Mineral oil commonly found in some lotions and silicones in most skincare and cosmetics are known to clog pores and break you out. So make sure you watch out for these ingredients.

4. You are over cleansing your face.

If you wash your face too frequently, then you are making your acne worse. Don’t cleanse your face more than twice a day as it will dry out your skin. If your skin does not have enough moisture, it tends to produce more oil to compensate which may clog your pores and lead to acne.

Often, health conditions like hypothyroidism can also worsen your acne condition. This is because hypothyroidism lowers down the secretion of your oil glands which could make your skin coarse and dry.

5. The foods you’re eating may have an effect.

Well, we already heard how some foods are allegedly causing acne breakouts, like oily foods, chocolate as well as caffeinated drinks. Even peanut butter is said to make your skin breakout. Though there’s no proven study yet that links the food we eat to your skin condition, there will always be exceptions.

If you notice eating chocolate breaks you out, then don’t eat chocolate. Take note sugar is also acne-culprit. When your insulin levels increase, it will trigger our body’s inflammatory response that can lead to clogged pores. And remember, acne itself is a form of inflammation.

Eating spicy foods can also be the cause of your zits due to its acidic lycopene that can be irritant to some people, it disturbs the pH levels of their skin and triggers acne breakout.

6. Your smoking habit is affecting your skin.

Every time you smoke, you reduce the amount of oxygen that goes to your face which will break down collagen and elastin that results in the appearance of wrinkles and increase the size of pores. The carcinogens of smoke are also skin-irritant and will even dry your skin, triggering your production of excessive oil and possibly more breakouts.

Final Thought

I know it can be very frustrating not knowing exactly when does acne stop. You patiently waited until your 20s to finally achieve the clear skin you’ve always been dreaming but only to learn it the hard way that these wicked breakouts don’t necessarily end as your teenage years do.

But what matters is that we know what’s causing our acne breakouts and doing our best to manage it like building the best skin care routine. How about you, what do you do whenever your acne starts popping out? Share with us your helpful tips in the comment section below, I’m sure your fellow readers would appreciate it.

And oh, please don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

How To Do Kinky Twist In 4 Easy Steps

Is your hair a curly mess? Kinky twisting it would be really cool as you can do almost any style with a kinky twist.  The beautiful long twists are lovely enough for any woman who wants to have their locks to be more stylish and not too messy.

If you’re planning to have kinky twists then you’ll need to have hair extensions especially when your hair is mid-length (kinky twists are known to shorten the natural hair). Afro in kinky twists is also a popular updo because of its sexy aura that has been seen in the media. This is also a common choice for those who want to wear their hair naturally and those who do not want chemicals to touch their hair.

One thing that made me love about kinky twists is that they last 6 to 8 weeks if properly maintained. How to do kinky twists should not be a problem but an adventure since this is about your hair and you should have fun while doing it yourself. It takes about 5-6 hours to do a kinky twist but the hours can vary with how long or how thick the twists are.  Some may opt to obtain a kinky twist in a salon but it would be a whole different experience to do it yourself aside from saving cash since it can get very expensive in the salon. Kinky twisting your hair is actually easy but there are specific steps that you should follow to make the process easier.

Why choose Kinky Twists?

Kinky twists are one of the most versatile braids out there as you can wear them whatever you want. My top favorites are:

  • Putting my twists up in a high donut-shaped bun which I really love since it is very elegant,
  • French twists, this is great for weddings or for any fancy occasion
  • I flip my hair to the side and secure it with some hairpins, which I wear for night outs and
  • The long kinky twists inspired by my favorite singer from Little Mix, Leigh-Anne.  For more kinky twists hairstyle ideas check this website out: ( as they’ve got cool mixes of textures like braiding the hair in cornrows before the kinky twists. I also often look for some cool kinky twists styles on Pinterest as they also got a huge collection of kinky twist ideas where I can wear to work, meetings, and parties in one!

Another reason why kinky twists are the bomb is that they are low maintenance. The question of how to do kinky twist can be easily done by you plus it requires lesser time and products. As a protective hairstyle, it does not require a lot of stuff to be able to work beautifully, the secret is to just do the procedure of kinky twisting properly and it will take care of itself in 2-3 months.

Furthermore, it is a popular updo as celebrities Shahida Omar, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Danielle Mone has been wearing kinky twists!

Equipment for Kinky Twisting

Before starting the process you need to prepare the things to perform the process first. Here are the must-haves for doing step 1:

  • Hair extensions

As explained previously, hair extensions are a must for kinky twists if you want to achieve long locks. This is the brand I’m using HmtAfro Brazilia to achieve my afro kinky twists. Choose the right hair extension as it should not be too smooth to be able to maintain your kinky twists. Three or four packets of hair extension would be enough for a regular-sized head.

  • Rattail comb

If you are a first timer, then you definitely need this to part your hair into equal sections for kinky twists.

  • Mirror

Choose a wide and adjustable mirror that comes with lighting, you need to be accurate with the twists that you are going to make.

  • Gel

Some use this and some don’t but I prefer to apply gel on my hair to seal them and keep the neat look for a long time. Here are the most popular products to seal you twists and braids: Cantu Shea Butter, The Roots Naturelle Braid, and Shea Moisture.

  • Hair clips

To keep your hair in place.

  • Wide-toothed comb

For hair detangling when prepping the hair.

  • Hair cutting scissors

To snip off the messy ends.

  • Hairpins
  • Hair ties and hair bands

The equipment needed for kinky twisting very accessible and it actually doesn’t require much which is already a good thing.

Kinky Twisting Steps

If you got a lot of time and if you want to save money from going to the salon then it would be really practical to do it yourself, not only does it saves you money but it also adds up to your skills. Now here’s the answer to the long-awaited question: How to do Kinky Twist? Here are the steps:

1. Prep your hair

Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb until it is nice and smooth.

2. Divide your hair into sections

Next, divide your hair into equal sections at about one inch wide for each.  Use the rat tail comb with a consistent amount of hair to be made into twists. Start with the front of your head since this is the easiest part. Then add gel afterward as needed. Use the hair clips to keep any stray hair in place or any hair that will be twisted yet. If you want a longer length of twists then you need to prepare the extensions.

3. Attaching the extensions

When attaching the hair, take a section of the extension and divide it in half. Place the fold of the root of a piece of natural hair so that you have three sections. Then carefully twist each of the three sections in a standard braid for an inch wide for the purpose of securing the braids on the hair, this is great for securing your hair well. Pinch the hair with the fingers of your dominant hand and start twisting from the roots to the tips. Twist in a downward manner down the length of your hair. What to do with excess hair? Simply snip the excess hairs with a pair of scissors. This is one good video by Abronoma ‘Dafia09’ which is very easy to follow.

4. Seal your hair

You can opt to apply gel to your hair to seal all the kinky twists well. One very effective trick is to place the tips of your hair in hot boiling water for 5-7 seconds. Then dry the ends of your hair with a satin towel.

For my first time DIY kinky twist, I relied heavily on this video by Breanna Rutter.

Kinky Twists Hair Care

A properly cared for kinky twists can stay in good shape for a long good time of three months. To not waste the time and effort being invested on the twists, simply follow the following essentials with kinky twists care.

Use satin or silk pillowcases

This is important as your twists need to stay in shape and undisturbed as much as possible compared to cotton ones that will tag on your hair and make it frizzy.

Keep your twists moisturized

I prefer a water based moisturizer, to an oil based one because this is lighter and does not attract a build-up of dirt which will definitely lead to greasy icky hair. I use the spray in conditioner and an oil or hair butter 2 or 3 times a week. Here are some great suggestions:

  • It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle
  • Aveeno Nourish+ Condition Leave-In Treatment
  • Sexy Hair Concepts
  • Molivera Organics
  • Aria Starr Beauty ORGANIC Argan Oil

Wash your hair

It is possible to wash your hair as it is unavoidable to get a build-up of dirt and grease on your hair. Wash your hair every two to three weeks (I wash mine every two weeks). However, there is an essential process that you should follow to be able to preserve the beautiful twists and for them to last at a maximum time.

Use a clarifying shampoo (I use the Charcoal Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner which is great for my hair since it is lightweight). The strokes for washing the hair should be downward, this maintains the smoothness of the hair and prevents frizziness. Glamour’s how to wash your hair, locks and twists have pretty much accurate descriptions and straightforward instructions on how to properly was your kinky twists.

Final Thought

If you enjoyed the tutorial, give it a thumbs up or spread some love by sharing this article with your friends. How to do kinky twist in 4 easy steps has been a huge time saver for me so I hope it helps you as well. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section and add up some suggestions if you’d like, I’ll be very happy to receive some. You can even share some of your routines for kinky twists.

Sleep Master 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress Review

Whether you are thinking about getting your first mattress, or you are planning to change your mattress, there are some essential things you should consider.

The right mattress should give you the support you need for a good night’s rest, and the truth is that most people don’t really look for these essential features before they go ahead to buy a mattress.

What most people don’t know is that your mattress has a great effect on your health. The quality of your mattress determines how well you sleep and how well you sleep will have an impact on your wellbeing.

This is why we have reviewed one of the good mattresses that can provide you with the support you need for a good night sleep- the Sleep Master 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress.

Here are some of the features of this wonderful mattress.

  • Spring system that prevents motion and pressure points
  • Individually pocketed iCoil springs
  • CertiPUR-US foam padding in the exquisite pillow top
  • Customized pressurized layers of quality memory foam

What are some of the good things about the Sleep Master 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress?

Cool Comfort Sleeping Temperatures

Typically, memory foam mattresses have heat buildup that may cause some discomfort when using them. However, this mattress has individually wrapped springs that help to resist heat buildup.

Air flows through the springs and rises to the surface through the layers of padding in the pillow top; this helps the surface to stay cool.

Complete Support with Full Inner Spring Construction

It is hard to believe that the Sleep Master 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress has 690 inner coils throughout the length and breadth of the mattress; this is what keeps the mattress firm all through. More importantly, the springs are made from 12 gauge wire for firmness and durability.

Firm Support

The Sleep Master 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress is designed to provide to conform to your body and provide that firmness that is needed. It is not too firm, but it provides the medium firmness requires to support your weight.

Any mattress you buy should be able to support you irrespective of your sleeping position. For additional comfort, the pillow top padding is made from several layers of memory foam, and it evenly distributes weight to relieve pressure points.


Good mattresses can be costly, and you have to consider your budget anytime you plan to buy a new mattress.

The Sleep Master 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress comes in different sizes, but when you compare the prices to the prices of similar mattresses from other brands, you will find out that they are really affordable.


The quality of this mattress is further assured by a very generous 10-year warranty. You will probably never have to invoke this warranty. Any damage that occurs as a result of shipping or faulty construction is covered by this warranty.

The mattress comes in a tightly packed box, and you will need to expose it to air for some time before it expands to its full size.

What we didn’t like about the Sleep Master 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress

The only thing we didn’t like about this mattress is that the cover is not removable. Thus, it is a little hard to clean. Spot cleaning works well for the cover, but you cannot remove the cover and wash it separately. To keep the cover clean, you can use another cover or a simple mattress pad.


The Sleep Master 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress is perfect for people who need a firm mattress that provides comfort and support. It is worth mentioning that sleeping on a bad mattress can affect your posture and make you experience body pain.

To avoid any posture problem and body aches, you should get yourself a reliable mattress like the Sleep Master 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress.