For those looking to purchase a new mattress capable of delivering the expected comfort and support, then it is imperative to know some of the top brands with high reputations of having high-end sleeping mattresses.

Among the numerous brands, Olee Sleep has established its brand as a trusted and high-grade producing manufacturer. This reason explains why the brand has been highly sought-after by a lot of customers.

The brand has been able to help deliver incredible levels of comfort and meet up with the much-needed support. But, before purchasing any product, it is essential you have gone through several reviews to avoid investing in the wrong product.

And, as such, after an in-depth review of most sleeping mattresses from the brand, here are the seven best Olee Sleep mattress bang for your buck.

Olee Sleep 10” Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress


This incredible mattress offers you the expected comfort and supports your spine while sleeping. The product is capable of adopting your body shape; thanks to the mattress 1-inch top layer infused with gel. It helps maintain the right sleeping posture and avoid waking up with pain.

The product helps relieve pressure points, while helping you combat interrupted sleep due to heat or sweating. The ergonomic design makes it an ideal force for people looking to alleviate backaches, neck pain, etc.

The mattress cover is manufacture using jacquard, which makes the product durable. Also, it is infused with a gel that increases the level of trust in its quality. The infused gel helps keep the product fresh and ensure a comfortable sleep.


  • Infused with gel for keeping sleepers cool instead of sweaty
  • Jacquard cover for durability
  • Long-lasting – thanks to the high-density foam
  • Breathability and proper ventilation
  • Relieve pressure
  • CertiPUR-US certified


  • Some customers complained that the mattress is too soft and a bit lumpy
  • Not a good bang for people needing above a medium-firm mattress

Olee Sleep 9” I Gel Multi-Layered Mattress


This mattress standout with its white color and elegant look without compromising quality or comfort. Its incredible features place it among the best Olee Sleep Mattress to splurge.

This product is infused with gel to provide users with a cooling effect, so sleepers don’t get sweaty or feel intense heat. Also, it features a high-density memory foam known to adopt the body curves and give the right support to your vertebrate.

The product is an excellent choice for individuals who continually deal with neck or back pain alleviate these pains. It provides the necessary support along your body curves from head to toe.

The mattress comes in multiple layers; 1” layer of soft memory foam to support your body, 1” layer of 25 ILD High-Density Memory Foam to help avoid detection and 1” layer infused with gel for regulating temperature. All-in-all, the product help improves your sleep quality and available in different sizes.


  • Proper ventilation
  • Minimize pressure points
  • Alleviate backaches
  • Isolate motion transfer
  • Durable


  • Maybe too firm
  • Awful smell after unboxing

Olee Sleep 13-Inch Box-Top Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress


This mattress is recommended for users looking for a thick and perfectly-layered sleep mattress. Its design makes it not too supple or too firm; thanks to its 13” thick mattress. Olee Sleep 13” Box Top is intended to help eliminate neck and back pain.

Just like most Olee Sleep Mattress, this item is covered with jacquard which contributes to the value, and comfort. What’s more? The product features 1” Gel layer to help regulate the bed temperature, so you don’t get too hot and sweating. It makes use of 2 inches of high-density foam and 1.5 inches of soft memory foam to maximize your comfort by absorbing your weight.

Besides, the product is CertiPUR-US certified, which makes the mattress’s durability and longevity assuring. Another remarkable feature is it firmness, which is as a result of the included 7.5” of heat treat coils.


  • Remain cool even in hot summers
  • Impressive ventilation and breathability
  • Multiple layers for great comfort
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Wrapped coils for extreme firmness.


  • Some customers claim it was too stiff. However, a topper helps out.
  • After unboxing, users may experience an unpleasant smell.

Olee Sleep 8” Ventilated-Convolution Memory Foam Mattress


This 8” of thick sleeping mattress is an excellent pick, as it comes with multiple layers to provide extra comfort and support. The product works great for anyone even people with neck and back pain. Its unique design makes it appealing to users dealing with difficulty in having a good night rest.

The mattress has a 3.5” convoluted layer design that helps improve breathability and ventilation. The 1” Dura-Flex foam is responsible for absorbing the weight, which contributes to the overall support experienced. Also, the item easily contours with the body shape making the product promote better sleep and avoid waking up with back or neck pain.


  • Isolate motion disturbance
  • Proper ventilation and breathability
  • Durable
  • Relieve pressure points


  • Some clients claim the product was too soft
  • An unpleasant chemical smell is experienced which last for a few days.

Olee Sleep 10 in Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress


This mattress focuses on maximizing the level of comfort sleepers experience with its 10-thick memory foam. The product can conform to the body curves for a better sleeping experience. The manufacturer has only made this product using high-quality memory foam and excellent fabrics to help optimize the mattress benefits.

Another remarkable feature is the product ability to remain fresh and fresh even in hot summers. This reason is one of the reasons the product has been a splurge on during summers. Its multiple layers including 1” layer of High-density foam and another layer infused with gel helps increase the level of support and regulate the body temperature.

And, above all, its unique construction helps minimize pressure points, therefore, you have a reduced chances of waking up with back or neck pain.


  • Different layers of HQ foam help to deliver coziness
  • Infused with gel for regulating temperature
  • The product comprises excellent ventilation and breathability
  • Very resilience
  • Sound sleep without waking up feeling neck and backaches.


  • The customers complained that the chemical odor takes longer
  • It may not be as firm as required

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Omega Hybrid Gel-Infused Pocket Spring Sleep Mattress


This mattress is available in a twin size, and equally, helps users get amazing comfort and relieve from pain while you are asleep.

It is designed using multiple layers of high-quality foam, which makes it a lucrative option. It eliminates worries about the product getting soft and hot.

Also, the product cover is made using a mattress made with poly jacquard, which is easily washed for high maintenance and cleanliness of the bed. Also, this mattress cover contributes to the product longevity and durability. Besides, it has three layers of Dura Pocket spring for reasonable firmness.


  • Gel infused memory foam for regulating temperature
  • Help alleviate pain
  • Three layers of Dura Pocket spring
  • Washable and durable poly jacquard
  • It provides a luxurious feeling
  • Excellent support to the spine.
  • Tempered steel separately-encased coils
  • No motion disturbance


  • The product has a chemical smell for few weeks
  • The mattress may not be the best fit for people who need firm support

Olee Sleep 12” I-Gel Top-Tencel Memory Foam Mattress


This mattress is another reliable and genuine product from Olee Sleep. This product has several pleased customers with its layered construction for ensuring comfort. The product’s 12” thick mattress has been one of the significant factors why several customers splurge on this mattress.

Also, the mattress is infused with gel for preventing users from getting sweaty while sleeping. No doubt, it is excellent for sleeping even in hot summers. The bed helps regulate the temperature between the body and mattress. Besides, the mattress makes use of superior memory foam to provide support by conforming to your body shape. In the end, users get a cozy and comfortable mattress – thanks to the product tencel mix fabric and infused gel.


  • Minimizes pressure points
  • Provide relief from neck and back pains
  • Provides fantastic support and comfort
  • Regulate the temperature


  • Some clients claim the mattress sunk after a couple of months
  • It takes weeks before the chemical odor smell goes away.